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Nastel’s AutoPilot APM tools address common IT professional needs.

For IT pros who need a quick solution to several common enterprise environment challenges right now, Nastel provides two powerful utilities and a freemium version of its renowned, industry-standard MQ management application.

Analyze MQ with Nastel XRay for MQ

Abstract Business Understanding from MQ Messages and Queues

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Diagnose Java Memory Problems – Nastel’s® AutoPilot® Heap Detective

Allows Java developers to remotely analyze heaps on any running JVM without generating heap dumps. Extremely useful for spotting memory leaks and optimizing application memory footprint.

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Monitor IBM MQ with Nastel's AutoPilot MQ Speedtest

Nastel’s® AutoPilot®

Monitor MQ Performance – Nastel’s® AutoPilot® MQSpeedtest

Examines IBM MQ performance by sending out a “ping,” waiting for it to echo back, and analyzing the elapsed time for the message’s complete journey, hop-by-hop. (Similar in operation to the networking tool traceroute.)

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Web-based Management of Middleware – Nastel Navigator

Provides the visibility and diagnostics needed to address your MQ issues—all within a web browser—with absolutely no impact on production.

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