Web-based Management of Middleware including IBM MQ, Tibco EMS and Kafka*

Nastel Navigator

(Previously know as Nastel AutoPilot On Demand)

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Nastel’s Navigator gives you the visibility and diagnostics of middleware including MQ objects and messages you need to address your MQ issues—all within a web browser—with absolutely no impact on production.


  • Provides Development and Testing personnel with powerful online middleware diagnostics
  • Easily view, replay and manipulate messages to better replicate production problems
  • Self-service access enables Development and UAT teams to rapidly diagnose root causes of middleware problems
  • Reduced admin workload as a result of secure self-service functions delegated to selected users and stakeholders that require visibility into applications running in a middleware environment such as IBM MQ
  • Web-based interface and agent-less operation eliminates allocation of installation resources


  • Nastel Navigator supports both IBM MQ and TIBCO EMS objects.
  • Views of queues, channels, queue managers, and subscriptions
  • Self-service diagnostics and monitoring – secure and audited
  • Animated topology flow based on queue statistics
  • Topology view across middleware including MQ Cluster objects
  • Cluster creation wizard
  • Rollback for change events
  • Ability to view and manipulate messages generated by applications
  • Act on application-specific messages (move, copy, edit, route, replay, create)
  • Web-based management for middleware (such as IBM MQ)
  • Views of queue status and applications


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  • Note: Nastel Navigator is an administration, configuration management and self-service solution for middleware messaging. Nastel Navigator currently supports IBM MQ and Tibco EMS. Nastel Navigator support for Apache Kafka is scheduled for general availability in 2019.