See Scott Corrigan present RabbitMQ Monitoring and Analytics at the 2019 RabbitMQ Summit

Operational Monitoring and Analytics for RabbitMQ

With thousands of production deployments in enterprises of all sizes, RabbitMQ is a lightweight and easy-to-deploy open source message broker that supports multiple messaging protocols, such as AMQP, STOMP and MQTT.


Written in the Erlang programming language and built on the Open Telecom Platform framework, today RabbitMQ runs on several operating systems and cloud environments, and provides a range of developer tools for many popular languages.

Nastel’s AutoPilot for RabbitMQ is designed to monitor the performance and availability of the RabbitMQ message brokers deployed across the enterprise.

AutoPilot for RabbitMQ provides real-time monitoring, with proactive notifications, alerting, and user-defined prescriptive actions.

AutoPilot for RabbitMQ provides actionable dashboards for monitoring all aspects of RabbitMQ deployment,

Queues with / without consumers

Connections, Exchanges, Consumers

Publish In / Out rates

Pending messages, Messages delivered, Messages ready for delivery

Channel status, Channels per connection, Channel send /receive rate

Memory usage, Disk usage

Queue idle time, Queue memory

See the Nastel Presentation on RabbitMQ Monitoring and Analytics that was presented to the 2019 RabbitMQ Summit.

See Presentation

This information can be combined with information provided by AutoPilot for other components within the application infrastructure, such as operating system metrics and log files, to get further insight into the performance and operation of the RabbitMQ environment.

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