What if you could predict and repair a problem before it happened?

What if you could predict and repair a problem before it happened?


Imagine being able to report to your boss that your response times to a problem were hours or even days before the problem occurred. That your time to repair was actually negative!

Solving problems
Solving problems

I’m not suggesting time travel (even though I’m quite open to the possibility), and I’m not suggesting some bald albinos floating in a pool in a science fiction Tom Cruise movie like Minority Report .

Predictive Analysis

But with evidence of previous events, and trending data aligned with a detailed understanding of how business flows through your entire application environment, you can reliably predict future events, and take remedial action before an incident happens.

And with enough detail of the data, your systems can effectively filter out false positives, allowing your precious expert resources to focus on what is really important.

Proactive Monitoring

Imagine being able to move from incident based war room processes that take days to negotiate and take action, to a command and control dashboard that presents simple and complete visualizations of events as they would be experienced by your users, and allows you to predict and take pro-active and automated actions to avoid disruption. The result is improved performance, availability and user experiences, while increasing the efficiency of your business and even lowering your costs and risks.

This is not science fiction, this is Nastel Technologies. Our customers F100, F1000 and Fortune 5000 customers are in production today with solutions delivering from AIOPS, APM, Monitoring to Financial and Healthcare Regulatory Compliance.

When you can dynamically model all your historical and live machine data and abstract business understanding everything gets better.

Nastel is the leader in exploiting the hidden knowledge within the middleware layer of your enterprise to provide this unique multi-dimensional understanding of your business, and is able to trace each users pathway through your business, overlaying the performance criteria at every step. Because we’re using machine learning intelligence and our experience of interpreting middleware messages, we’re able to deliver this knowledge dynamically without the need for a massive investment in services. This makes the total cost of ownership (TCO) and time to value (TTV) of Nastel dramatically better than any other solution on the market.