Real User Monitoring

Nastel Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Ensure your customers and internal users experience high performance when they utilize your web and mobile applications. Nastel XRay End-User Monitoring’s extensive analytics can help shrink support costs by reducing the mean-time-to-resolve (MTTR) software problems which can lead to a substantial improvement in customer satisfaction. The solution is available on-premise or via SaaS.

Nastel XRay Real User Monitoring

Track end-user response time, server topology and key business performance metrics in the same dashboard grouped by user, geolocation, application, time or user-defined criteria.

Immediately visualize performance issues impacting users, related application topology along with the analytics that enable rapid problem resolution. An English-like query language makes it easy to interact, ad-hoc with your data. Autopilot Insight End-User Monitoring is easy to deploy using browser injection technology. Read a blog post on how to monitor JavaScript in your custom applications without manually instrumenting each function in your code.Watch a brief demo of AutoPilot Insight Real-User Monitoring!

Track end-user activity across the world.


End to End

Get end-to-end visibility from browser to server, database, middleware and mainframe.

Awareness of Impact

Instant awareness of the actual or potential impact of application problems on users


Stop problems in their tracks using built-in analytics

Customer Focus

Keep customers happy and improve their conversion

Track end-user activity across the world.

User Requests

End-user requests are broken down into multiple components covering the journey between browser and application.


Easily detect geo-specific differences in performance


Metrics are automatically calculated for each step of the journey including average and maximum elapsed times making it easy to spot where the longest response times are.

Track and Visualize the application topology used to fulfill end-user requests


End-user transactions are automatically stitched to server activity to represent an end-to-end transaction without tagging the transaction itself and can be done based on payload contents


Transactions can be analyzed individually as well as in aggregate

Topology Discovery

Application topology is auto-discovered and displayed


The connections between the Web Client representing the browser and the web applications behind are annotated with statistics for the number of calls and the average response time.


Immediately visualize where there is latency

Track and Visualize the application topology used to fulfill end-user requests

Rapidly resolve performance problems using probable root cause analysis

– Probable Root Cause Analysis in a single click highlights the underlying cause of a performance problem. – Drill into the details to simplify the problem resolution process. – Use a Method Trace for further diagnostics.

Get Immediate Insight into End-User Metrics

– Track the top requests per minute to detect latency – Capture browser-specific issues – Detect the worst response times – Examine and compare “first byte times” – Find the pages that load the slowest – Discover the slowest server connections – Uncover JavaScript errors – Many more metrics are available…

Rapidly resolve performance problems using probable root cause analysis

Get our open-source plug-in for end-user monitoring on GitHub.


Business Transaction Tracking

Track business transactions end-to-end from the browser all the way through your enterprise including: web apps, middleware, brokers and mainframes.

Unified Analytics

End user requests are tracked in real-time as the metrics arrive and can be compared to a historical look back. Sophisticated statistical functions using Complex Event Processing (CEP) can be used to find performance patterns that otherwise may go undetected.

Breakdowns are provided of all resources utilized when a web page load in order to detect the impact of each of its components and resources called in the back-end servers. End-user monitoring is fully integrated with Autopilot Insight’s application, log, middleware and transaction analytics.

Get Immediate Insight into End-User Metrics

Extreme Scalability

Nastel’s® AutoPilot® Insight runs on an exceptionally scalable web platform using high performance technologies, including: NoSQL, Kafka, Spark and STORM.

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