One of Nastel’s® AutoPilot® most powerful features is customizable business views. Business views are customized dashboards tailored to show the real-time health and operation of business application processes from the perspective of each individual user or group of users. Business views deliver the exact information users need, when they need it, in the format they want.

This Service is Designed to:

  • Equip you with basic skills to get more value from Nastel’s® AutoPilot® from the beginning
  • Leverage your existing templates to expedite delivery of new and modified views
  • React quickly to changes in your environment, business processes, applications or even SLAs

Who Benefits from this Service?

  • New customers, as an add-on to the implementation process
  • Nastel’s® AutoPilot® customers with a need to add more or new business views
  • New staff brought in to work in your existing environment

Service Package Description

This offering is intended to help you quickly begin to take advantage of the business view capabilities of Nastel’s® AutoPilot®, expand the collections of business views used in existing environments, and bring new people up to speed on business view basics.

It consists of a consultant coming to your shop with up to 3 business view templates, customizing them and testing them, teaching a brief training class on business view basics – using, maintaining and doing simple modifications to them, and providing a “cookbook” on the basic mechanics of using and maintaining business views.

Estimated Duration: Two days.

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