AutoPilot M6 helps you rapidly develop, test, deploy and assure peak performance for highly efficient integrated business applications. It can automatically detect and eliminates bottlenecks and other performance inhibitors before applications go into production, and monitor and manage application performance even in high volume production environments .

Big Picture View

The complex composite applications that run in SOA environments and transaction flows that span mixed SOA and legacy environments pose new and formidable management challenges. Only AutoPilot M6 provides a complete end-to-end ‘big picture’ view from the web and J2EE front end through the messaging infrastructure and back.

AutoPilot measures application process performance, response times and resource utilization to allow you to maximize application efficiency quickly and easily. AutoPilot’s intuitive web-based dashboard gives you on-demand access to all key system metrics and alerts, along with complete performance history to expedite debugging and problem solving.

AutoPilot’s application-centric views automatically detect process impediments, send intelligent contextual alerts to the appropriate personnel, and launch corrective actions to ensure the continued efficiency and reliability of your applications.