You support the applications that run the business. You understand the impact that the performance of the applications you manage has on the company’s bottom line. And you face the challenge of meeting stringent SLA requirements and compliance audits every day.

AutoPilot M6 was designed to make your job a lot easier.

AutoPilot automatically monitors transactional process flows from end-to-end across the enterprise in real-time. From the detailed metrics AutoPilot collects and the powerful correlation that ties them all together, AutoPilot doesn’t just tell you what the user’s experience is. It measures transactions and isolates problems to the very hop or the specific system that puts performance at risk, enabling rapid recovery.

Customize Views From All Perspectives

AutoPilot’s customizable, business function-oriented views, action-triggering alerts, automatic fault isolation, root-cause detection and self-healing capabilities dramatically reduce the need for human intervention, saving you time and money every day.