As a Business Unit manager under pressure to ensure efficient and uninterrupted business operations for your unit, AutoPilot M6 gives you the on-demand access to the explicit information you need to make informed business decisions in real-time.

AutoPilot provides real-time Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) on a dashboard.

We define Business Activity Monitoring BAM as a real-time process that analyzes and reports on changes in business behavior. This can be accomplished via metrics or key performance indicators (kpi’s) calculated to detect trends and extrapolate future behavior from past events. A business user will utilize BAM, as described for decision support and for alerting on changes in business conditions.

How AutoPilot implements BAM:

  • AutoPilot enables a user to define a Business Service or Process and have its status dependent on user-defined policies.
  • These policies can be considered as business rules.
  • There is an abstraction between IT infrastructure, applications and the business processes tiers.
  • Status can propagate, constrained by rules between these tiers


The policies used in AutoPilot BAM are data type independent and can be applied to any sort of data.

  • The analytical capabilities within AutoPilot BAM leverage complex event processing (CEP) to detect patterns and apply the appropriate rules to that data. /li>
  • There is a library of statistical functions available for usage by the rules for more sophisticated state determination
  • These policies effectively evaluate situations comprised of compound events and dynamic metrics


We had a customer who provided a data feed which tracked cash-in, cash-out, credit-in and credit-out changes in their organization’s financial position. AutoPilot subscribed to the feed and applied policies defined to track rate-of-change and anomalies in the data and when these were detected, it provide an alert to the business user.

Business Activity Monitoring Dashboard


Another of our customers used this capability to construct a system that tracks compliance in real-time and alerts the business user about actual or potential breaches in their responsibility for Dodd-Frank Trade Reporting compliance.


Using AutoPilot BAM, a user can be immediately alerted about the changes in business behavior that require their attention.