The Operations Center is the heart of every enterprise. You have to operate at peak efficiency to ensure business continuity.

Nastel AutoPilot M6™ offers unparalleled ability to pinpoint the root cause of performance bottlenecks, automatically launch corrective actions and notify appropriate personnel instantly via alerts, email and pagers.

AutoPilot gives your team the tools they need to avert downtime, reduce IT cost, ensure SLA compliance and manage the performance of your business critical systems to increase customer satisfaction.

AutoPilot M6 empowers your data center team with:

  • a comprehensive real-time view of all of the integrated applications, processes and end-to-end transaction flows across the entire enterprise
  • built-in integration with your IBM Tivoli, HP OV, CA, BMC or TIBCO systems
  • instant fault isolation and automated root cause identification
  • unique customizable self-healing facilities based on your own defined policies and conditions

Proactive Problem Prevention

With AutoPilot, you can proactively pre-empt problems before they can disrupt operations. It automatically captures and stores extensive statistics, metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) on system performance. The deeply granular historical data allows your Operations Center teams to project usage trends, proactively tune performance, and easily handle load balancing and capacity planning.

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