Building an IT architecture that not only supports current applications but will provide a robust production environment that can keep up with changing business demands presents a wide array of challenges.

One of the most formidable of these is making sure that the business transactions that flow across your constantly evolving IT infrastructure are managed to ensure maximum efficiency and uninterrupted operations.

Service Oriented Architectures

Nastel AutoPilot M6 is ideally suited to help manage service-oriented architectures (SOA) and the complex combination of new SOA implementations mixed with legacy EAI environments.

AutoPilot synthesizes the high-level views of process flows, as well as deeply granular insight into individual transactional interactions and services from across the entire application domain, into a single consolidated view that allows you to optimize the core architecture for maximum operational efficiency.

AutoPilot’s statistical data collection maps performance trends over time and contrasts them with real time metrics to give you the flexibility to design highly efficient integrated applications that take full advantage of your infrastructure architecture.

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