Many Nastel customers utilize AutoPilot® in user acceptance testing (UAT) and QA in order to enforce a consistent set of best practices for application, middleware and transaction diagnostics.

These firms need to:

  • Rapidly reproduce production problems
  • Detect and determine root cause for performance bottlenecks
  • Describe reoccurring problems as situations and specify policy to prevent them in production
  • Benchmark and compare the performance of new releases to prior builds

Evolving Towards a DevOps Culture:

Development/User Acceptance Testing (UAT) rarely has access to middleware monitoring. The unique self-service capabilities of this solution help foster a DevOps culture, where UAT personnel can view, replay and manipulate messages in order to better replicate production problems.

AutoPilot’s diagnostics deliver the following benefits to UAT and other development/testing environments:

  • Provides deep-dive visibility via transactional profiling and diagnostics to the level of Java and .NET methods, CICS transactions, middleware operations and payload contents
  • Enables the detection of potential performance defects before moving a release into production, thus improving release quality
  • Compare expected vs. actual behavior during test
  • Explains incorrect behavior
  • Uncovers hidden dependencies
  • Ensures that transaction flow paths adhere to the application architecture

Nastel AutoPilot TransactionWorks Top Charts

Figure 1: AutoPilot Top Charts analysis enables immediate visibility of where performance bottlenecks are in complex, composite applications

Using AutoPilot in both test and production can:

  • Reduce costs
  • Deliver improved release quality
  • Enable shorter release cycles
  • Reduces the time users spend in recreating and reproducing problems
  • Problems in production can be recreated and retested in development and QA via turning on deeper transactional profiling
  • Policies created for automatic remediation of reoccurring problems in test can be deployed in production using a closed-loop methodology
  • Improves the communication and collaboration in shops adopting a DevOps approach

AutoPilot On-demand for WMQ monitoring of messages and transactions provides the following benefits to UAT and other development environments:

  • Helps Middleware team with their mission to monitor and administer production, UAT and development environments.
  • Enables UAT group to stress test application systems and detect configuration and performance issues before moving into production.
  • Helps development group to look, edit, create, verify and test applications with MQ messages during the development.

Nastel AutoPilot On-Demand for WebSphere MQ

Figure 2: AutoPilot On-demand for WMQ provides web-based self-service access to WMQ data for developers, QA, Operations and the middleware team without installation of agents