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Steering a safe course through hybrid cloud

Steering a safe course through hybrid cloud

Steering a safe course through hybrid cloudWe look at why hybrid cloud can create a tricky infrastructure to manage.  It is a universally accepted axiom that the world is moving towards cloud. Even the most hardened sceptics have been converted and are taking their first steps on a cloud journey.

The figures back this up. IDC has reported that quarterly spending on public cloud IT infrastructure has more than doubled in the past two years, reaching $12.1bn in the third quarter of 2018 and growing by 56.1% year on year, while spending on private cloud infrastructure grew at half of this rate, 28.3%, reaching $4.7bn. This suggests more workloads are moving into the cloud.

What is even clearer is that most organisations are adopting some type of hybrid cloud approach, where the public and private cloud and on-premise datacentres are operating in parallel – complete with the means of controlling those services.

Research by Freeform Dynamics has found that companies using just one cloud provider are in a minority. “Most have five, 10 or even 20-plus ‘cloudy suppliers’, once you add up public cloud, private cloud, hosted, SaaS, and so on,” wrote Bryan Betts, principal analyst at Freeform Dynamics, in a recent Computer Weekly blog. “That’s on top of all that traditional on-site IT, which shows no sign even of shrinking, never mind disappearing altogether.”





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