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Android security flaw: More than 1bn phones could be hacked with single text message

A major security flaw with Android mobile operating system has left over a billion Samsung, Huawei, LG and Sony smartphones vulnerable to cyber attacks. Researchers at cyber security firm Check Point identified the bug in Android-based phones, revealing that it only takes a single SMS text message to gain full access to a person’s emails.…
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Legions of cybersecurity volunteers rally to protect hospitals during COVID-19 crisis

Use modern cloud security best practices

Enterprises still worry about the security of cloud and if migrating will put data at risk. Explore modern methods, technologies and tools that help strengthen cloud environments. Security – There are mixed opinions about whether the cloud is more secure for many organizations. The biggest difference between cloud security and traditional on-prem security is the…
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Cybersecurity Is The Future Of Customer Acquisition

Cybersecurity Pros Name Their Price as Hacker Attacks Swell

It took a $650,000 salary for Matt Comyns to entice a seasoned cybersecurity expert to join one of America’s largest companies as chief information security officer in 2012. At the time, it was among the most lucrative offers out there. This year, the company had to pay $2.5 million to fill the same role. “It’s…
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Cybersecurity: Don’t let the small stuff cause you big problems

If hospitals don’t take cybersecurity seriously, a series of small issues could be as bad as a major cyberattack like WannaCry, warns NHS Digital chief. Healthcare providers risk ‘death by a thousand cuts’ if they take a poor approach to implementing cybersecurity and protecting networks and patient data. The UK’s National Health Service employs 1.2…
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Congress re-introduces bill to enhance IoT cybersecurity

IoT – Members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives unveiled legislation March 11 to set baseline cybersecurity standards for connected devices the federal government uses. 1. The Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act would add security regulation recommendations from the National Institute of Standards and Technology for the federal government to follow. 2. There…
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Stop saying, 'We take your privacy and security seriously'

In my years covering cybersecurity, there’s one variation of the same lie that floats above the rest. “We take your privacy and security seriously.” You might have heard the phrase here and there. It’s a common trope used by companies in the wake of a data breach — either in a “mea culpa” email to their customers…
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Study: CISOs Need to Take Charge of DevOps Security

As digital transformation is pushing more enterprises to adopt DevOps to address their needs for better software delivered faster and more frequently, a huge issue lingers over this strategic business shift: security.  While businesses pay a good deal of lip service to cybersecurity, the rush to churn out new software and update those applications means…
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Security and Speed: Why DevOps and Security Need to Play Nicely

It isn’t news that DevOps and IT security teams often struggle to align their departments and maintain a coherent balance between keeping a business secure and developing new applications to maintain customer interest. While security processes are a necessity, they can be deemed by DevOps teams to be manual and cumbersome, blocking the agility that…
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