Nastel AutoPilot provides end-to-end visibility from the datacenter to the cloud and back

AutoPilot’s Cloud governance technology provides the automation necessary to rapidly realize the benefits of monitoring application and transaction performance in a cloud computing environment and ensure application and transaction availability.

Elastic APM

Elasticity is core to cloud computing.

Cloud computing is essentially a way to dynamically increase capacity on an as-needed basis without requiring the expense of additional hardware, software and their requisite configuration.

The cloud can instantly provision resources for applications when they need them

  • When no longer needed, they are immediately returned to the pool for other applications to use

But, elasticity can be a challenge when you are monitoring…

AutoPilot for Cloud provides elastic APM


As Forrester says,”Elastic architecture requires real-time application load monitoring, scalable application components…”

As the size of the application environment grows, AutoPilot can transparently accommodate this w/o operator intervention. AutoPilot monitoring is real-time and it is inherently scalable

Cloud-ready Grid Support

  • AutoPilot for Cloud has a built-in grid
  • It can scale to the largest of environments as demand increases

Cloud computing demands a high degree of automation from an application performance management (APM) / business transaction management (BTM) solution in order to deliver the visibility that users require.

An APM/BTM solution must adjust what and where it is monitoring in order to keep pace with the elastic configuration of this ever-changing environment and deliver the promised return on investment that cloud users expect. Manual efforts to specify where the applications are, the dependencies between transactions and the status of services will not be effective.

Nastel in Cloud Computing

AutoPilot provides the following key benefits to cloud users:

  • Automated discovery of applications
  • Automated discovery of IT transactions
  • Automated stitching together of IT transactions into business transactions
  • Real-time monitoring of applications
  • Real-time monitoring of transactions across tiers (distributed to mainframe, web to application server to middleware messaging, datacenter to cloud)
  • Automatic self-adjusting determination if IT situation is “normal” (w/o setting thresholds)
  • Automatic determination of IT situation has a business impact
  • Problem prevention
  • Automated alerting
  • Automated problem resolution

In addition to AutoPilot’s automation strengths it also enables “self-service” for the different IT stakeholders who need the visibility into the cloud that AutoPilot offers, including specific role-based views for:

  • Application Support
  • Application Development
  • Middleware Team
  • Business owner and Enterprise Architect

Virtual appliance for agile application monitoring in the cloud

AutoPilot is an agile solution for monitoring composite applications in a private or virtual private cloud environment. It delivers the elastic monitoring platform IT organizations and cloud providers need to provide deep-dive business processes visibility.

AutoPilot is packaged as a virtual appliance. AutoPilot M6, TransactionWorks, AutoPilot for Middleware and prebuilt APM governance policies are available preinstalled in a virtual software appliance, promoting rapid deployment in the cloud, quick provisioning and high-availability for mission critical cloud computing environments.

The AutoPilot M6 virtual appliance includes application, transaction and middleware performance management in a single VMware image running a Linux Guest OS. Deployment can be done in seconds, cutting both time and costs associated with implementation and keeping up with the dynamic nature of the cloud.

AutoPilot M6 preinstalled in a virtual appliance lowers operating costs for our customers by effectively eliminating deployment time and bringing the value of the AutoPilot suite that much sooner to our cloud computing users. Cloud providers both public and private will enjoy the elasticity this new capability provides and the ease they will have in accommodating the needs of their clients when using AutoPilot.

With the new virtual appliance, replacement and maintenance on hardware platforms running AutoPilot can be performed without service interruption. The AutoPilot M6 virtual appliance along with its built-in, cloud-ready grid support also enables easy failover for cloud based applications that demand 24x7x365 availability and on-demand capacity as load increases.

Nastel AutoPilot delivers the automation, self-service and virtual packaging that help deliver the potential of the cloud to application performance management/business transaction management users.