Improve Application Performance

  • Real-time visibility — to the method level
  • Rapid root-cause analysis
  • Transaction level visibility

Real-time Visibility

Reduce the frequency and duration of incidents with deep, real-time visibility into your critical web transactions, end-to-end.

Nastel’s® AutoPilot® for J2EE Features:

  • Installs in minutes, easy to use
  • Complete user click stream through web-based J2EE and SOA applications
  • Full JMX and operational monitoring capabilities
  • Real-time and historical point-in time views on demand
  • Start and stop live data monitoring on demand
  • Full spectrum of response time statistics – minimum, maximum, average and actual
  • Drills down to JMS, JDBC, method calls, servlets and sessions with simple one-click option to view live session details
  • Locate sessions that exceed your specified thresholds
  • Built-in support for jBoss, WebLogic and IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS)
Free Java Diagnostic Tool
For Diagnostics for Java Memory, use Nastel’s® AutoPilot® Heap Detective.

Root Cause Analysis in Real-Time

Nastel’s® AutoPilot® breaks down the total execution time by each layer of an enterprise application – web, database, business logic – instantly revealing the source of any bottleneck down the method call level. This enables instant isolation and rapid resolution of any performance-related problems.

Monitor all of your web-based application transaction flows in real-time and eliminate performance and availability issues – before they impact your operations.

Transaction Level Visibility

AutoPilot provides transaction level visibility with on-demand drill down to the Java Message Service (JMS), Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), method calls and servlets to speed root cause identification.

It uses a time-based approach with each user transaction flow treated as a discreet session. AutoPilot traces the click-stream from beginning to end within the context of that session, in order to track a user’s path and performance. Performance information such as JVM usage is attached to each click in order to evaluate performance in real time.

Complete Historical Record

Nastel’s® AutoPilot® logs each session, creating a comprehensive record of critical performance metrics such as response times and exceptions. You can access this on demand to see a clear picture of exactly what was happening at any specific date and time.

Choose how you want to view your application performance data. You can select the servers or applications you’re responsible for, see a user session in real time, select the full Application View or see a snapshot of a given date and time. Use the Session View to see detailed information about the performance of Java Server Pages, Java Servlets, Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) and objects with JDBC and JMS access.

Nastel’s AutoPilot J2EE Supported Servers and Metrics