Nastel AutoPilot for IBM CICS Transaction Server

Nastel’s® AutoPilot® for System Z provides rich support for monitoring application performance on the IBM mainframe. Fully integrated with the AutoPilot family to provide real-time monitoring of application performance across the mainframe, distributed and cloud environments. Nastel’s® AutoPilot® provides early warning for application performance problems by correlating real-time z/OS state with that from the web and cloud and searching for patterns that indicate imminent impact.


  • Real-time monitoring and analysis
  • Prebuilt reports for data analysis and troubleshooting
  • Console capture for messages sent to the system log
  • Identifies performance bottlenecks
  • Provides proactive notification and automated actions based on user-defined policies
  • MQ (interactive and batch), CICS Transaction Server, DB2 and z/OS


  • Identifies application performance trends
  • Takes action to correct problems before there is impact

AutoPilot monitors application performance on the IBM mainframe

This collage shows business views of CICS/WMQ/DB2 system activity and resource usage. Alerts are issued when resource usage exceeds the default threshold. If a CICS transaction is looping while getting messages from WMQ and writing to DB2 database, we can see a surge on resource usage in CICS’s DSA, WMQ buffer pool and DB2 logging.

z/OS Operating System Statistics:

  • Address Space statistics
    • Address Space Dispatching Priority
    • Address Space current position such as swapped in, swapped out, non-swappable, etc
    • Current utilization of real storage in frames
    • Address space’s EXCP count for the current job step
    • Accumulated CPU time (TCB plus SRB) consumed on behalf of the address space, for the current job step, in seconds
    • Swap out reason code
  • Console Message Extraction

z/OS DB2 Statistics:

  • Buffer Manager Statistics
  • Data Manager Statistics
  • Log Manager Statistics
  • Message Manager Statistics
  • Storage Manager
  • RDS Statistics

z/OS WebSphere MQ Statistics:

  • Buffer Manager Performance Statistics
  • Coupling Facility Manager Performance Statistics
  • DB2 Manager Performance Statistics
  • Data Manager Statistics
  • Log Manager Statistics
  • Lock Manager Statistics
  • Message Manager Statistics
  • Storage Manager Statistics
  • Topic Manager Statistics
  • Page Sets Statistics

z/OS CICS Statistics:

  • Auto-Install Statistics
  • DB2 Connection Statistics
  • Dispatcher Statistics
  • Enqueue Statistics
  • IPCONN Statistics
  • JVM Pool Statistics
  • Library Statistics
  • MQ Connection Statistics
  • MVS TCB Statistics
  • Pipeline Statistics
  • Program Auto-Install Statistics
  • Program Statistics
  • Recovery Statistics
  • Storage Statistics
  • Stream Statistics
  • Subpool Statistics
  • System Dump Statistics
  • Task Subpool Statistics
  • TCP/IP Statistics
  • TD Queue Statistics
  • Transaction Class Statistics
  • Transaction Dump Statistics
  • Transaction Statistics
  • TS Queue Statistics
  • URIMAP Statistics
  • VTAM Statistics
  • Web Service Statistics