Nastel’s® AutoPilot® provides operational and transactional monitoring for Apache ActiveMQ, the open source message broker and JMS client written in Java.

Nastel’s® AutoPilot® provides forensics used to diagnose ActiveMQ (AMQ) problems. It accomplishes this by examining the metrics collected for queues, topics, and connectors that belong to an ActiveMQ broker as well as offering deep-dive insight into the JVM.

Using the AutoPilot StreamJMX open source collector, it can provide monitoring and alerting for queue depth, consumers, producers, subscribers, publishers, free MEM, used mem, and heap size as well as connection information.

Nastel’s® AutoPilot® for ActiveMQ provides:

  • Auto discovery of end-to-end transactions across AMQ and other technologies such as IBM MQ
  • SLA Monitoring and Reporting
  • Deep-dive monitoring of composite application components
  • Proactive alerting and reduction in false alarms

Apache ActiveMQ Monitoring Metrics