AutoPilot® M6 for WBI is the most comprehensive solution available for monitoring and managing your WBI environment.

AutoPilot® M6 for WBI lets you see exactly what is going on end-to-end in real time – from your newest web-based applications to your mainframe-based legacy systems. Only AutoPilot M6 for WBI provides gives you total control of your core applications and technology platforms to help you meet critical service level agreements (SLA’s).

Most Advanced Monitoring and Management Capabilities

AutoPilot® M6 for WBI incorporates some of the most advanced management and monitoring technologies, including next generation metrics-collaboration, on-demand event generation, user-definable events and action triggers, automatic data correlation, and compound alerting.

AutoPilot® M6 for WBI provides control of your entire distributed WBI network from one single, Web-based console for all WBI services and components, including WebSphere MQ. It also the only suite of tools that not only lets your IT staff see what’s happening at the most granular levels, but also enables business users to detect, interpret, and make sense of the myriad interactions and inter-dependencies of the complex events that keep your business processes flowing.

Get the AutoPilot® M6 for IBM WBI Advantage

  • High availability
  • Complete, secure control
  • Increased IT productivity
  • Significantly reduced cost
  • Seamless implementation
  • Rapid deployment and fast, easy adaptation to change
  • Virtually eliminates bottlenecks, performance degradation, and downtime

AutoPilot® M6/WBI gives you the power to make better, timelier decisions and take corrective actions before your business is impacted.

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