The Impact of Predictive Analytics in Higher Education

The Impact of Predictive Analytics in Higher Education

The Impact of Predictive Analytics in Higher EducationThe Impact of Predictive Analytics in Higher Education.

While for many a college degree may be the golden ticket to a better job, this incentive alone isn’t enough to stop millions from dropping out of school or delaying graduation. In fact, some universities are experiencing freshman retention rates as low as 47 percent.

On top of the incredibly high dropout rate, the affordability of college continues to be scrutinized. This has put universities under intense pressure to demonstrate a tangible return on investment for students and their parents. The answer to this predicament is a practice called predictive analytics.

Let’s be clear: predictive analytics is not a new concept. Organizations have been using this practice for decades. However, the education industry is just now understanding how to capitalize this practice in a way that truly defines the college learning experience.

Unlocking its potential.

According to a recent report, learning analytics will be one of the largest emerging fields in education. This is not surprising given that it’s a tool that elevates an impactful component to education, which is personalized learning in the classroom.

Personalized learning is a customized learning style based on the needs of each student, and a practice that has been proven to be successful in the classroom. However, this method also brings a series of instructional challenges that are impossible to manage without appropriate technology, especially in classrooms with large student-to-teacher ratios.

That’s why data and predictive analytics play a pivotal role in developing more personalized learning strategies that boost student engagement and improve student outcomes.






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