Tibco EMS

Nastel’s® AutoPilot® for TIBCO

Nastel’s® AutoPilot® is the only solution to support all software and appliance based middleware technology requirements: IBM MQTIBCO EMS and RVSolace,IBM DataPowerIBM Message Broker and home-grown.

  • It provides a unified way to support permissions, user access and re-certification
  • Enables powerful rules to be created that monitor the environment without the need for support staff to constantly monitor screens/dashboards
  • Provides unified approach to enterprise monitoring that is end-to-end

Nastel’s® AutoPilot® for TIBCO EMS Plug-in extends your visibility and control through its AutoPilot system across the entire infrastructure, including the health and status of your TIBCO EMS environment.

Nastel’s® AutoPilot® for TIBCO Plug-in utilizes a set of intelligent, non-intrusive sensors, specifically designed to publish critical event information. These sensors are based on individual data metrics on a TIBCO EMS server or one of its individual components. The Plug-ins adaptability gives you complete control over monitoring and reporting intervals to gather the information and take action in real-time.

The AutoPilot/TIBCO EMS Plug-in can monitor any EMS server, with or without a managed node installed on that machine.


  • Uses the standard Self Service interface
  • Routing and data obtained via AutoPilot Infrastructure
  • Combined MQ and EMS View


  • Connects to EMS and MQ Objects
  • Shows EMS Queues and allows actions
  • View MQ messages
  • View EMS messages
  • Audit across MQ and EMS objects

Managing Messages:

  • Displays message objects, attributes and message data based on security privileges
  • Actions against messages supported


  • Trigger admin action based on alerts, situations
    • Topics, queues, brokers
  • Automates admin actions, responses
    • Trigger EMS command scripts based on a schedule
    • Trigger EMS commands based on conditions
  • Integrate automated admin and control
  • View topics, queues, messages
  • Audit, self-service and secure web access

Additional Notes:

  • Modular expert that tracks every TIBCO component such as queues, topics, consumers and producers to improve application performance
  • Ability to monitor any EMS server locally or remotely
  • Ability to start and stop EMS servers on demand, or automatically based on pre-set schedules or conditions
  • The Group Expert, which lets you monitor groups of servers together, and add or remove servers from monitoring in real-time
  • Experts that can be deployed individually or in any combination to meet your unique performance monitoring needs
  • Access levels control which group members and users with explicit privileges can view system monitoring topics and deploy event experts

The TIBCO EMS expert automatically  measures and collects EMS performance metrics. The expert periodically samples information about TIBCO EMS servers and their components based on any     interval defined by your middleware team.

Some of the key performance metrics they can collect include:

  • inbound, outbound, acknowledged and pending message volumes
  • message rates per second
  • average response times
  • message tracking
  • age of oldest messages.

These metrics are collected for servers, queues, routes, groups, consumers, producers, transports, durables and events. Nastel’s® AutoPilot® powerful Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine uses these metrics in policies the middleware team defines for prediction, correlation, validation, automation, notifications, logging and alerts.