Tracking ACH Transactions

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ACH (Automated Clearing House)

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a US financial network developed to allow institutions (banks and others) to transact electronic payments and money transfers, without having to rely on paper checks, credit cards, wire transfers or cash.

To ensure that we can have confidence in the process of making and receiving ACH payments, requires that regulations are followed.

ACH payments while much faster than paper-based payments, are not instant, and are processed as batches several times a day. The ACH settlement time (known as the settlement period) is a predetermined number of banking days that payment processors will hold onto your ACH Debit funds before they get deposited into your bank account. Different institutions can choose different terms for the processing and delivery of ACH payments, for example some will offer either within a business day or in one to two business days. ACH payments are not processed on weekends or on bank holidays.

The ACH payments process involves a number of different parties throughout the transaction. These include the originator (originating bank), which has to submit the ACH data to the Federal Reserve, which processes the transaction overnight and then sends the transaction to the customers bank.

Billions of transactions moving Trillions of dollars are moved using ACH Transactions.

There are two types of ACH transaction:


Direct Deposit via ACH

 Which allows for payroll, expense reimbursement, government benefit payments, tax refunds as well as annuities and interest payments to be paid (as examples)


Direct Payment via ACH

Which allows individuals and organizations (such as businesses) to send debit or credit payments to other organizations via banks.

Each type of ACH transaction is specifically regulated. The nacha operating rules ( are a good source of information on these.

What Nastel can do to help you manage your ACH Transactions and to Comply with both internal governance and regulatory compliance requirements.

Nastel Technologies

Nastel Technologies can monitor all the systems associated with ACH transactions and by reading the payloads of each ACH transaction message can present a complete view of the pathway of each ACH transaction, overlaying the performance data from each system associated with the transaction to provide a visual method of analyzing each transaction and allowing for both real-time and historical reports to be generated to meet internal governance and regulatory compliance needs and to provide predictive and proactive report of any likely issues.