What is IBM MQ?

What is IBM MQ?

What is IBM MQ?IBM MQ (often called “MQ”, WebSphere MQ or “IBM MQ”) is IBM’s Message Oriented Middleware offering that enables an asynchronous program-to-program communication via queues. It has been designed to operate largely as a “black-box”, in that it supports unattended operations, and is largely transparent to applications, and runs as multiple background processes. It enables applications to communicate at different times (asynchronous and synchronous) and in many diverse computing environments (cross- platform). It is available on a large number of operating systems like zOS, iSeries, AIX, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Windows etc., IBM MQ can transport any type of data as messages, enabling businesses to build flexible, reusable architectures such as service-oriented architecture (SOA). IBM MQ provides a communications layer for visibility and control of the flow of messages and data inside and outside your organization.

IBM MQ provides:

  • Versatile messaging integration from mainframe to mobile that provides a single, robust messaging backbone for dynamic heterogeneous environments
  • Message delivery with security-rich features that produce auditable results
  • High-performance message transport to deliver data with improved speed and reliability
  • Communication between programs can be independent of time
  • Communication can be driven by events
  • Work can be carried out by small, self-contained programs that do not necessarily interact with one another.
  • Data integrity is built-in – MQ assures a one-time delivery of a message
  • Administrative features that simplify messaging management and reduce time spent using complex tools.
  • Open standards development tools that support extensibility and business growth
  • An application has a choice of programming interfaces, and programming languages to connect to IBM MQ
  • IBM MQ is messaging and queuing middleware, with several modes of operation: point-to-point; publish/subscribe; file transfer. Applications can publish messages to many subscribers over multicast

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