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Nastel XRay for MQ delivers Tracing for MQ for FREE

Nastel XRay for MQ delivers Tracing for MQ for FREE

Nastel XRay for MQ delivers Tracing for MQ for FREE

Nastel XRay is a comprehensive analytics platform. We’re delivering Nastel XRay for MQ to provide IBM MQ administrators with the ability to trace MQ and analyze MQ calls.

The purpose of the Nastel XRay for MQ is to be a tracing utility, and to analyze applications making MQ calls and determine their behavior.

This fully functional platform is being provided FREE of charge – the only restriction being the data retention period.

Nastel XRay for MQ delivers the following functionality

  • Profile your MQ and Broker middleware deployments
  • Know where your messages are instantly
  • Find applications which abuse middleware resources
  • Search messages by content, header and more
  • Visualize messages flows across apps, queues, channels
  • Optimize performance of your MQ apps and messaging topologies
  • Web dashboards for developers and operations
  • Ad-hoc web reports for advanced users
  • Cloud (SaaS) and Docker deployments
  • Expand message tracking to other middleware technologies such as Kafka, JMS, Java and more (Github link)

Nastel XRay can connect to virtually any data source, and a comprehensive open-sourced, Nastel supported library of connectors is available on the Nastel GitHub.

Nastel XRay for MQ is fully functional, with the only limitation being the data retention time. The data retention period has been limited to 5 days and this can be extended at any time by visiting the account management screen and purchasing additional capacity.

This is a tool for experts, and we’d really appreciate any feedback you would care to offer.


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